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Pretty Dolls Subscription

Save a lot! Receive 20 different dolls every month in 2 skin colors and 4 hair colors. And of course, basic license included in the subscription.

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Pretty Dolls Subscription

20 Different Dolls Every Month

You'll receive 5 different dolls four times a month in your e-mail. In 2 skin tones and 4 hair colors. They will be available at the store as well, but at normal price, and the commercial license sold separately. We are creating a huge Family of Pretty Dolls for you. Girls and Boys are coming too. We will consider Holidays, Seasons, activities and your requests of course.

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Subscribe for only $39.90 to receive 20 different Pretty Dolls and variations for month with basic commercial license included.

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20 different dolls per month with many variations, Transparent PNG format high resolution. Instant download 20 different Pretty Dolls when u sign up!

Pretty Dolls Details

Hair Colors: Blonde • Brunette • Redhead • Pink
Skin Tones: White • African American
Hair Types: Will be different. We're creating a huge family of different dolls.

How To Download

After the full payment you will receive an email with the details to access the members-only page. If you don't receive read here how to download everything. After the payment you can access the members area and download all the packs.

The subscription service has been closed for indefinite period.